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Advanced New Sounds


This sound mod gives you all new sounds to all of the weapons. No other sounds are changed.

Author: pking




This sound mod makes changes to some sounds including, the weapon menu selection, sub machine gun, shotgun, rail driver, rocket laucher, pistol, the flag capture, flag return, flag steal and the game ending line. No drastic changes, just small and clean.

Author: Dr@gon


(É) TauntPack


This sound mod changes all the multiplayer voices to taunts from Unreal Tournament.

Author: (É) Darkness, (É) Essence, and (É) Xenon


(É) TauntPack v3


This Taunt Pack is like nothing previously released. Instead of replacing death screams with taunts, taunts have been overlaid onto weapon fire sounds simulating taunts coming from gunners as they fire weapons. The taunts do not play nonstop but rather have been carefully calibrated to play at roughly one taunt per clip Ratio. This requires a modified ui.vpp due to the new weapon fire sounds and random pool of sounds RF now has for each weapon. I would recommend not using other clientside mods that have new weapon sounds as they would remove the continuity of this mod. One exception would be "Dark's Elements HUD version 7" as I accounted for combined use of both this mod and that HUD.

This mod does not give the user any advantages over other players.

Author: (É) Darkness


<|EWA|> Sound


This sound mod changes almost all the weapon sounds to be a little cleaner and richer, and also changes the the flag cap, return and steal sounds.

Author: <|EWA|> ChemSIR

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