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Rail Hit Glitch Fix


This server side ui.vpp will supposedly help find cheaters that don't die from from the correct amount of rail hits?

Author:(E) Darkness & GTA


Server Patches


These patches include modifications to disable the HMG, Damage Amp, and Fusion Rocket Launcher in different variations so that they cant be picked up.

Author: [xXx]K@oS.UK

Dr@gon's Comment:
These are nice if you feel you have to use them on your server, but you should think twice. The game was created with these items available to use and for the absolute best game play, they should be available use in the game.




When this is used to launch Red Faction it gives you the option to play in spectator mode during the game. When in spectator mode, you can "fly" around the map viewing things as they happen. For the Spectator mod to work both the client and server need to be running Red Faction using the Spectator executable. Full installation and usage instructions are included.

Author: SubZ

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