W3!RD Server Map Pack

This is a small map pack put together by seven individual mappers, some renowned and one mapper submitting his very first released map, bringing together a selection of assorted mapping styles and themes.

This pack has been made for Doc as a huge Thank You for providing the RED FACTION community with one of the best and friendliest servers on the tracker: W3!RD Server.

Included Maps:

DM-WMP-Fates-Confusion by Fate
DM-WMP-Garfield in Theater by sobe
DM-WMP-Hoops by AnEvilNastyMan
DM-WMP-Jailbreak by mad_ferrit
DM-WMP-Rocky Horror Sir Lots-A-Pot
DM-WMP-WeirdCafe by Damium


Just double click weird-mp.exe to start the installation, then locate and install the mappack in your \user_maps\multi folder.

The default location for multiplayer maps is C:\games\RedFaction\user_maps\multi