Red Faction Unite 3 Map Pack

This map pack contains 9 CTF Red Faction maps made by the RFU members based on important events; past, present and future.

Included Maps:

CTF-Battle of Grozny by RED JUSTICE
CTF-Sinking of the Bismarck by Stalinator
CTF-Building of the Pyramids by Lacrosse51
CTF-Fall of the Berlin Wall by mad_ferrit
CTF-Attack on VimyRidge by (DVL)Shad0w
CTF-The Lunar Landing by Dankone
CTF-The L.A. Riots by Dankone
CTF-SpaceStation Hotel by Beatonator
CTF-SanFrancisco Earthquakes by Escaflowne


Just double click redfactionunite3-mp.exe to start the installation, then locate and install the mappack in your \user_maps\multi folder.

The default location for multiplayer maps is C:\games\RedFaction\user_maps\multi