ApoX CTF Rail Server Map Pack

This map pack contains 12 Capture The Flag Rail maps.

Included Maps:

CTF-Island Railz by ScuD |SHOE|
CTF-Killbox KaoS Rail by Brad Johnson/ScuD |SHOE|
CTF-Leak Rail by FURYweb - Converted by CaRN
CTF-Medi Rail by Hulluciogen
CTF-Mayan Run Rail by Irish - Converted by CaRN
CTF-One Way or Another Rail by Mr Hard
CTF-Orbital Rail by Timid
CTF-Rail Me Down by sally
CTF-Space Lords Rail by Tico Torres - Converted by CaRN
CTF-Vibes Snipe Rail by VIBES - Converted by CaRN
CTF-Wing Shius Rail by Andreas Jirenius - Converted by CaRN
CTF-xR Railz by -|xR|- Silverwolf


Just double click apoxctfrailserver-mp.exe to start the installation, then locate and install the mappack in your \user_maps\multi folder.

The default location for multiplayer maps is C:\games\RedFaction\user_maps\multi